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When does the melt screen changer of extruder change the screen

  When the pressure of the extruder head rises too high to affect the output, the screen should be changed.

  There are many types of screen changer. When changing the network, there are both those that can not be stopped and those that need to be stopped.

  With the improvement of the quality requirements of plastic and ceramic products, many kinds of plastic, rubber, ceramic extrusion and fiber drawing equipment need to use the melt filter screen changer. Zhengzhou Batte melt pump Co., Ltd. introduces European advanced design, introduces European excellent screen changer design and improved screen changer manufacturing technology to China, specializes in manufacturing melt filter screen changer applied in extrusion production lines of plastics, rubber, chemical fiber and ceramics, and provides reliable, easy to maintain and profitable melt filter screen changer to help users. Customers stand out in the competition.

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