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Application of hydraulic plate screen changer in the field of chemical fiber production

  In the process of chemical fiber production, because of the change of material, equipment, technology and product variety, waste silk is inevitable. With the rapid increase of chemical fiber production capacity, chemical fiber waste is also increasing. If it is not used, on the one hand, it will form solid waste, even white waste; on the other hand, fossil resources such as oil are not renewable, so the chemical fiber industry downstream of petrochemical industry needs to recycle and reuse this part of waste. In the process of waste collection, storage and transportation, solid impurities will be mixed. If it is not filtered and reused directly, the next process of recycled materials will be caused, such as recycled spinning, direct injection recycled sheet, injection molding, etc., which can not be carried out normally, and affect the quality of the final product. The adoption of hydraulic plate screen changer can effectively filter the impurities in the melt and avoid the failure of normal production in the subsequent process due to the solid impurities in the melt.

  The hydraulic plate screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Bart is controlled by hydraulic pressure, which is mainly composed of cavity, filter screen and hydraulic components; when the hydraulic plate screen changer changes the filter screen after working for a period of time, it will output power through the hydraulic cylinder, move out the dirty filter screen plate, replace the filter screen on the plate, and then clean and use the replaced filter screen. Zhengzhou Bart provides special screen changer equipment, including: pet packing belt non-stop screen changer, pelletizer screen changer, wire drawing machine automatic screen changer

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