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The application of the film blowing screen changer

The application of the screen changer for the film blowing machine

The film blowing screen changer is used for the production of chemical fiber, blowing film, flat film and casting film, the manufacture of pipe, sheet, wire, fiber, grain cutting line, recovery and so on.

The characteristics of the screen changer of the film blowing machine

1, the series network changer is designed as a dual channel double filter structure. When it changes the network, it will replace the network without interruption of material flow, without interruption of products, so that the network will be switched off without stopping.

2, the exhaust system is designed, which can fully exclude the gas mixed with the material and the perforated porous plate, prevent gas formation in the product and improve the quality of the product.

3. The double channel design improves the filter area and meets the higher production and higher quality production requirements.

4, large filter area, suitable for different materials, different products extrusion production.

5. It has good sealing characteristics, rigid seal and long service life.

6. The function of charging and discharging can guarantee the continuous product in the process of changing the net.

7, according to the needs of the user, it can be specially designed and processed for various sizes.

8. The design of the structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient and the effect is excellent.

9. The filter net of the same size can be machined into circular, curved, elliptical, cylindrical and so on.

10. It has safety cover design.

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