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Standards for packaging, transportation and storage of automatic screen changers

1、 Packing of automatic mesh belt screen changer

1.1 The exposed processing surfaces of parts, components, accessories and spare parts must be treated with anti-rust treatment before packing.

1.2 Packed in wooden boxes, the packaging, storage and transportation of graphic symbols on the box according to the provisions of GB/T 191 to choose to use, customers have requirements in accordance with customer requirements.

1.3 The following technical documents should be provided randomly in the packing box from the factory: a) instruction manual; b) certificate of conformity; c) packing list; d) operation manual.

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2、Transportation of automatic mesh belt screen changer

There should be measures against rain, violent vibration, dust and mechanical damage during transportation.

3、Storage of automatic mesh belt screen changer

Automatic screen changer should be stored in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive media warehouse.


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