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Manual screen changer filter for plastic extruder

Manual screen changer does not need external control system, it can manually control the equipment and change the screen, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, quick replacement of filter screen and good filtration effect. It is suitable for all kinds of high viscosity melt extrusion lines. Such as: drip irrigation belt production, cast film production, blown film production, production of hollow products.

manual screen changer

The main structure of manual screen changer includes bracket, screen and handle. The bracket is the supporting part of the whole equipment, which is usually made of high-strength material with sufficient stability and durability. The screen is the part used to filter the material, usually made of high temperature and corrosion resistant material, which can effectively filter out the impurities in the material. The handle is the part that operates the equipment, and is usually designed with a comfortable handle that is easy for the operator to use.

manual control screen changer

Advantages of manual screen changer

1、Easy to install and simple to operate.

2、It is suitable for extrusion production with low output below 90.

3、Operating lever can be adjusted to the position according to the space condition of the production site.

4、Unique flexible sealing device has good sealing effect.

5、Precise positioning ensures the smooth flow of materials.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

In short, manual screen changer is a very practical equipment, its appearance greatly improves the efficiency and quality of industrial production. In the future, with the development of industrial production and the continuous progress of technology, manual screen changer will continue to be improved and perfected to provide more efficient and stable support for industrial production.


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