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Double column continuous hydraulic screen changer

The dual column hydraulic screen changer is suitable for casting films, plates, sheets, pipes, granulation, etc. It can be matched with various production lines of mixed agent products such as sols, adhesives, coatings, etc., and is used for material blending and filtration. Excellent effect, increased production, energy-saving, and waste free.

double conlumn hydraulic screen changer
plastic extrusion hydraulic dual pillar screen changer

The dual column continuous screen changer adopts a dual column and dual workstation design, where the dual filter screens are used simultaneously, and there is still another channel working during the screen change, without interrupting the material flow and with small pressure fluctuations, meeting the production needs of high quality requirements.

continuous screen changer for extrusion
continuous screen changer for extrusion

Performance characteristics:

Large filtration area and high efficiency;

Dual station filtration, no downtime screen change;

Capable of material introduction and exhaust, continuous product;

Low fluctuation of mesh changing pressure and stable material flow;

double column hydraulic screen changer
double column hydraulic screen changer

BATTE has been focusing on the research and development, production, and promotion of hydraulic screen changer products for over a decade. It has supplied screen changer products in conjunction with several well-known domestic extruder equipment manufacturers, providing melt filtration solutions to thousands of customers, improving efficiency and saving costs.


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