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What's the best way to get the screen changer to leak?

Zhengzhou BATTE domestic professional screen changer manufacturer, for screen changer leakage to give some method suggestions. For the screen changer leakage problem, whether it is plate hydraulic screen changer, double column hydraulic screen changer or mesh belt type automatic mesh changer, first of all, we must look at what is leaking from the place.

1, from the flange and screen changer connection leakage

It is because when installing the screen changer, connecting ring end face impurities are not cleaned up, or flange bolts are not diagonally tightened, the flange and screen changer connection end face is not flat, after disassembling the screen changer and flange connection of the waste clean up, and re-diagonally tighten the bolts to ensure that the gap between the flange and the screen changer can be the same.

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2、screen changer for plastic extruder heating circle gap leakage

Screen changer inlet reserved pressure sensor hole did not plug, or plug did not tighten, the pressure sensor or pressure sensor plug can be tightened.

3、Screen changer slide plate and screen changer body connection leakage

Screen changer assembly quality problems, just installed on the leakage, return to the factory to reassemble. Warranty period of leakage problems, on-site repair or return to the factory for repair, maintenance and leakage again after sending a new machine.

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4、Column type screen changer warranty period of leakage problems, need to return to the factory for repair (column type screen changer itself weight and assembly precision requirements, disassembly and assembly need to be professional and technical personnel to carry out). Material leakage due to strains on the column and the main body will be handled separately.

5, mesh belt type automatic mesh changer leakage problems, mainly circulating water is too small or clogged, can not cool the seal caused by adjusting the cooling water flow, clean up the cooling water in the mesh changer in the cooling waterway scale, can be solved.


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