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extrusion t die

Process Type: extrusion t die

Number of mold sub-surface: one

Number of cavities: single cavity mold

Mold installation: fixed mold

The scope of  extrusion t die application: appliances, food, daily necessities, cell phones, gifts, handicrafts, other

extrusion t die characteristic:

l quickly remove the mold on the crystallization of the technology.

l High viscosity plastic for special flow smoothing.

Multi-layer design to enhance physical properties, reduce costs.

Edge design can reduce waste generation, no burr, improve efficiency.

l a variety of stuffing system, due to different customer needs.

l perfect runner design does not stay.

l a variety of plastic foam experience.

1, extrusion t die processing process

A: The customer made the product requirements, design drawings for the supply side, confirmed by both parties, preparation processing and delivery. B: The supplier can also process drawings on demand.

2, the confirmation of the extrusion t die

As a variety of plastic mold materials through heat treatment can have a variety of steel, so when the supplier in the quotation required to confirm the type of mold steel used, the supplier and explain the difference.

3, on customer service

For the demand side made in the factory outside the contract after-sales service, the supplier charges a reasonable fee. After-sales service can be specified in the contract. We respect the wishes of both parties.

4, on delivery

Delivery by the contract signed by both parties in the delivery of specific issues

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